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Tour Trail of the Detective’s Great Britain Movie Settings

Shelock Holmes Movie Locations photoDirector Guy Ritchie, stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, writer Simon Kinsberg (and a few hundred others to be thanked later) have created a fresh vision of the world’s most famous fictional detective in the new movie version of “Sherlock Holmes” re-envisioning the duo as action heroes in Victorian era England. The film was shot in London, Manchester and Liverpool to evoke an atmospheric heightened view of the foggy and steam streets of Holmes’ world. As an excuse for getting out your own deerstalker cap, why not follow the trail of the detective to the film locations and fascinating settings of the new movie as well as some other evocative backdrops for the Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle stories around the British Isle.


St Pauls Cathedral in film photoSt Paul’s Cathedral One of the most striking and iconic buildings on the London skyline, St Paul's Cathedral with its dome having miraculously survived London Blitz bombs of WWII and is one of London's top attractions on any sightseeing tour. St Paul’s has starred in many films from the Battle of Britain to Mary Poppins and serves as an atmospheric location for the new Sherlock Holmes film. St Paul's

London Freemason’s Hall - The Freemasons’ Hall in the center of London is one of England’s finest art deco buildings, built in 1927 as a monument to Masons killed in World War I, actually after the period of the Conan Doyle Holmes stories, but its dazzling interiors were used in the Sherlock Holmes film as well as many others, including “The Da Vinci Code”. Freemanson's Hall

Brompton Cemetery - The historic cemetery near Earl’s Court in southwest London well represents the Victorian age in London with shady walks and fascinating monuments with a chapel designed to reflect St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome. The cemetery provides and haunting gothic backdrop for Sherloock Holmes movie where the tomb of “Lord Blackmore” provides an important clew. If you investigate a little further, you’ll find the grave of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst as well as markers with names Beatrix Potter borrowed for her animal characters (see Beatrix Potter Touring) look for Peter Rabbett and Mr. MacGregor. Brompton Cemetery

Sherlock Holmes Museum - 221b Baker Street is one of London’s most famous addresses as the location of the “rooms of 221b” shared by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The address is now the home of the London Sherlock Holmes Museum, with a set of apartments recreated as described in the classic Sherlock Holmes books. The apartments in the movie were filmed on a sound stage, but any Holmes tour wouldn’t miss a stop here (see Sherlock Holmes Museum London).

Sherlock Holmes Pub - Also not in the film, but for a good old English meal and a pint, The Sherlock Holmes Pub on Northumberland Street near Whitehall has another recreation of the 221b Baker Street apartments and is directly across the street from Old Scotland Yard, where Inspectors Lestrade or Gregson would have called Holmes in for a consult on a troubled case (see Sherlock Holmes Pub London).

Tower Bridge - Used as a backdrop and fo a fight scene, visit the Victorian era bridge with its catwalks and steam hydraulic engines (see Tower Bridge Exhibition).


Historic Dockyard Chatham

The Dockyard at Chatham in Kent, southeast of London where the Thames River flows out toward the channel has been a part of British maritime history for 400 years, from the days of the Spanish Armada to World War II. With its authentic cobble stone streets and atmospheric Georgian and Victorian buildings, the docks have been seen in countless movies and TV shows including “Sherlock Holmes”. With its museum and three historic warships, the Chatham Dockyard makes for a good day out. Also nearby is the Dickens World amusement center for more Victorian life (see Dickens World Chatham) Chatham Dockyard


Manchester Town Hall

Manchestet Victorian Ne-Gothic Town Hall photoManchester's beautiful Victorian era Neo-Gothic Town Hall in Albert Square in the heart the norths great city built by Alfred Waterhouse from 1867-1877 provides a suitably grand location in the new Sherlock Holmes film, standing in for London’s Houses of Parliament. Don’t miss the Great Hall with its 12 large murals by the pre-rafaelite style painter Ford Madox Brown, the magnificent tile mosaic walls, vaulted corridors and stone spiral staircases. Town Hall


Stanley Docks

Liverpool Merseyside Docks photoA major action sequence in the Sherlock Holmes film took place at the Liverpool’s Stanley Dock on the Mersey River, home to 19th Century period warehouses and wharves a prime example of industrial architecture from the time located in Liverpool's historic Conservation Area including the Albert Dock, the Maritime Museum (see Albert Dock Museums) and Beatles Experience (see Beatles Touring Liverpool) atStanley Dock


Surgeon’s Hall Museum

Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859 and studied medicine at the Royal College, where his observations of the remarkable Dr. Joseph Bell’s use of deduction in solving medical problems inspired the author to turn those powers to the solving of crime. Visit the Surgeons’ Hall Museum where Conan Doyle sat for his anatomy exams. Afterwards, stop for a drink at the Conan Doyle Pub. Surgeons Hall


Clivedon House - Berkshire

The Cliveden House hotel set in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, surrounded by 376 acres of magnificent formal gardens and parkland. The chalk cliffs that give the estate its name have panoramic views over the beautiful Berkshire countryside and an idyllic bend in the River Thames. Parts of the new Sherlock Holmes film were shot at Cliveden, both in the National Trust hotel and around the grounds. Clivedon House

Peckforton Castle, Cheshire

Built in 1851 as a revival medieval castle manor house, the neo-gothic Peckforton Castle in the hills of Cheshire has been the setting for many episodes of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” television series, including the basement which doubled as 19th-century prison cells. As well as having luxury hotels accommodation Peckforton Castle offers falconry experiences, medieval banqueting and archery. The ruins of the real medieval Beeston Castle are a mile away and nearby Tatton Park has seen many films come to visit from Holmes to “Patton”. Peckforton Castle Hotel


This is an update from the new Sherlock Holmes movie "A Game of Shadows". A lot of folks seem to be looking for the impressive mountainside castle, with Reichenbach Falls flowing under it, which Holmes and Moriarty tumble over at the end of the film. I'm sorry to report this impressive ediface only exists in special effects, a bit of movie magic. Though you can visit the natural Reichenbach Falls and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Meiringen. © Bargain Travel Europe

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